360 Tour

How do you put the INSIDE of your business on the map with Google Business View? Easy. Call your Google Trusted Photographer!

So what is a Google Trusted Photographer?

Google Trusted Photographers have gone through extensive training and certification by Google to ensure high-quality results for your business. They use special equipment to shoot the 360 tours along with other images of your business, stitch the panoramas together, and upload them directly to your Google listing. Oh, and they put all of your images through Google blurring and privacy standards to give you peace of mind.

And what is Google Business View?

This is an exciting new online marketing initiative using the same technology as Google Street View. It allows customers who find you on Google to take a virtual “walk-through” of your business, from out on the street to your storefront, inside the door, and beyond.

Your business will visually stand out with enhanced Google Search results, Google Maps, Google My Business and Google+ pages. Once your tour is live, you can link or embed the tour on your website, blog, newsletters, email signature, and social media pages.

You will also receive electronic copies of the still images for your own use.


What types of businesses benefit from this?

It doesn’t matter whether you run a retail store, bar, restaurant, flower shop, yoga studio, medical office, art gallery, office, car dealership, or manufacturing company. Just about any business that welcomes clients through its doors can benefit from Google Business View.

What is the cost?

Photo packages start at $375 and are priced per “spin.” For this business, for example, I shot seven panoramas, consisting of 84 photos, and an additional 10 point-of-interest photos, for a total bill of $499, which included processing, uploading, and the embed code for the customer’s own website. That’s a steal for such an innovative marketing tool! Customers pay Google Trusted Photographers, who are contracted by Google. The  listings and hosting on Google are free, and there are no ongoing fees. Seasonal reshoots are also available at discounted rates.

What should I do?


Most likely, you already have your business on Google, but if not, registration is free and takes just a few minutes.

     2. BOOK A SHOOT 

Give me a call or send an email, and I can answer any questions you may have, and we can arrange a time for me to visit your business. We’ll also finalize the right package for your business.

     3. RELAX!

I will complete the photo session on site with my camera and tripod, either during or after hours. I’ll spend one to three hours, depending on your business. Then after the shoot, I will take care of all the technical stuff. The time for processing is two to three weeks.

You’ll quickly notice that when you invite customers to “See inside” from their own computers, your business will receive higher Google placement, both on desktops and mobile devices. The better your site’s visibility, the more prominent your site will appear when users search the Internet to find you.

Higher search results means more traffic, which can lead to more sales. Not only that, you’ll stand out and customers will remember you long after they’ve closed their browser windows — because you’ve invited them to explore your business in the comfort of their own homes!




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